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30 Days of Writing: (29) Simple

To say his life was a mess was an understatement.

It was a disaster.

According to Drew at least.

The two of them were very alike in many waysCollapse )

30 Days of Writing: (28) Promise

He felt nothing as he cut through his enemies. Blood splattered everywhere, but he moved so fast that it didn’t even dirty his clothes.

He was untouchable.

A caress on the left side of his forehead. “You have a scar there.”

"Retreat!" Collapse )

30 Days of Writing: (27) Letters

“Wow.” Noah’s eyes were wide in shock and awe. “That’s a lot of cupcakes.”

I blew my bangs from my face as I mixed another batch. “Still not enough for all of Avalon.”

“There are three hundred agents in Avalon,” he commented as he examined a nearby tray of cupcakes. “I don’t think your apartment can hold that many, no matter how big it is.”

I gave him a Look. I was well aware of how many people are employed at Avalon. “I will be giving these to my department first.”

"That's favoritism," he teased.Collapse )

I learned something new today

I typed facebok.com by accident and went "oops dammit now I gotta--"

But then it redirected me to Facebook and all I could do was just stare in silence for a few seconds, wondering if this was the real life.

You crafty bastard, you.

30 Days of Writing: (26) Diamond

I was in Tokyo in order to meet with Akito Enomoto as the man had insisted on giving the files in person; apparently, he did not want to risk it being hacked if he sent it over the network. I had already been here for two days, waiting for him to finish avoiding his pursuers as he came from Kyoto. He was a very paranoid man, but I should expect that from someone who was being chased for designing a machine for memory manipulation; I could name several who would want to have that in their hands.

“How’s Tokyo, Maddy?” Noah asked as we video-chatted. I was currently in my hotel, awaiting the call from Enomoto.

"Same as usual."Collapse )

30 Days of Writing: (25) Winter

“It’s February. Why the hell is it so cold?” Drew complained as we walked to the mission debriefing room. “And it’s snowing. Why?!”

“At least it is not windy,” I said, trying to comfort her.

She turned to me with suspicion. “Was that your doing?”

I blinked, surprised. “You noticed?”

“Wait, really? I was just kidding!” she exclaimed, eyes wide.

"Oh."Collapse )

30 Days of Writing: (24) Outside

A year had almost passed since I was marked by Death. Lying on my back on the sofa, I stared at my hand as I held it up against the light. With a heavy sigh, I covered my face with my arm.

I heard the door open. “I’m home.”

I sat up, leaning against the back of the sofa. “Welcome home.”

"Eh?"Collapse )
And when I opened the box, this was inside as well!

espeon plushie

My boyfriend knows what I like best: Pokemon plushies. 

30 Days of Writing: (23) Thousand

“Do something!”

“Do you have any bright ideas?!”

“We’re gonna die at this rate!”

“Commander Spanner, please give us orders!”

“Shut the fuck up already!”
They were too loud. Collapse )

30 Days of Writing: (22) Mad

On one of her complete days off (no school and no work), I invited my best friend to lunch with me. A sort of peace offering. She accepted, and here we were, eating at a bistro and catching up.

“You are completely crazy!” Drew exclaimed with a laugh.

“And yet you do not protest,” I remarked with a smirk.

She waved her hand dismissively. “Details, details. Besides, there are worse guys out there to be dating.”

I sipped my coffee. “So… are you still mad?”

“Nah,” she said, chewing on her burger. “Can’t be mad at you. You always have a reason for everything you do. I might not always understand it, but I trust you.”

“Thank you,” I said, smiling.

"You know he almost sliced my hair off last time, right?"Collapse )