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Wings of Memories

Flying with Time

Despite what everyone seems to think, no, Reikou was not born in America, but in southeastern China. She still has a bit of an accent, but you have to be looking for it in order to notice. She tends to enjoy dressing in loose clothes (sparking many lectures from her mother on why she shouldn't be wearing male clothing) and keeping her hair in a near-androgynous, Asian-style manner. However, she has recently decided to grow her hair out because of a promise she made to a friend. Yes, it does sound like something out of a drama, doesn't it? That's because her life is one.

A procrastinator and a daydreamer, Reikou is usually found laughing her head off over something or being a Deadpan Snarker (look it up on tvtropes.org and yes, she is a fan). She prefers to be blunt and honest, which gives off the air that she's a mean bitch. But she's not. Her words just come out that way, and also because she hates beating around the bush. She has no sense of personal space with her friends, but it's a mutual thing. Honestly, with the way they're like, one would believe her to be a very nice pillow to sleep on or to hug. She has an incredibly large weakness for cute and fluffy things, like plushies and teddy bears, and she really likes jewelry, if only because of the shininess~ She has too much of them.

Whenever Reikou hears something she thinks is noteworthy, she writes it down on a scrap piece of paper, for further use in her stories. Because she writes. A lot. It is her life. You go after her notebooks and she won't hesitate to beat your ass down. She is not kidding either.

Reikou's second love is singing. In public, she sings to English songs and pwns at karaoke with her friends. In the safety of her room, she sings along to Korean and Japanese songs, though she gets tongue-tied if the song goes too fast. Such is the pain of being a non-Korean/Japanese native speaker. Although she is learning Japanese and if she gets proficient enough, she is thinking of moving on to Korean. If she were to go to Europe, she is screwed because she mainly know Asian languages, excluding English. Which is why she is dragging her European-language-speaking friends along with her if she ever vacations there.

Reikou is a huge fan of manga and anime. Most of the pairings she ships are friends or rivals; she actually just likes their interactions, but if they become something more, she won't mind. And she wasn't always a yaoi fangirl. She had thought it was 'icky' until she started reading DNAngel when she was 12 and suddenly found that she preferred Daisuke with Satoshi rather than with Riku. That was the beginning of her downfall and she isn't quite sure how she feels about it, really. Sometimes she thinks she still hangs around because of the pretty artwork/guys, but then she sees something in canon that convinces her otherwise. Like Naruto/Sasuke and Juubei/Kazuki and England/America and Lockon/Tieria and Izaya/Shizuo and and and many more.

Reikou is unsure why she's writing in third person but deems it rather fun. ♥
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