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april1314_the nerdiest magnet ever

It took me a second to realize what it was saying (since the third equation is from chem and I don't remember that shit), and when I figured it out, I had to facepalm.

If you can't figure it out, my brother is going to MIT yeah
feb2114-rise figurine

So Kinokuniya was selling Persona 4 mini-figures and I carefully chose two boxes in hopes one of them would have Chie so I could give it to Jeff.

Unfortunately, both of them were Rise Kujikawa. orz Not that I don't like Rise, but DAMMIT WHY COULDN'T ONE OF THEM BE CHIE?!?!? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES BOTH OF THEM WOULD BE RISE?! D:

It's okay, there's always next time, Huehuehue

Why yes, I am still alive!

s-senpai pls
This is what happens when your modem has to be restarted fifty bajillion times.

You draw a confession scene on MS Paint using your mouse. 


Yesterday, I received a new Pokemon plushie, Lapras! Cameo of my brother curtsy of his leg/foot, that bastard, because he wanted to photobomb me.

So Danny decided it was time to take a family picture. :3

2013-7-22 all the pokemon plushies we own

All the Pokemon plushies we own. The Bulbasaur and Charmander are Danny's, while everyone else is mine! <3

I have found a new obsession

And that's the new anime, Free! that's so ridiculously hilarious, I love it.

I ship Makoto/Haruka. Just sayin'. I can see the homosexual-ness between Rin and Haruka since they are rivals, but I like Haruka with Makoto.


I need fanfics and fanart now.

This icon has never been more appropriate than ever.


Note: Inspired by the warm weather in San Francisco which shouldn't BE THIS GODDAMN HOT WTF. Also, these characters are from yet another story I'm working on. I should really finish some of them first......

It all began when Brandon kept complaining about the heatCollapse )


It feels really weird not having to write for the 30 Day challenge.


30 Days of Writing: (30) Future

It started with little things.

He had lost a photo, a very important one. He had practically ripped the place apart trying to find it. He had checked the drawers, behind the bed, under the bed, behind the desk, in between the books, and every other place it could have been.

It was after an entire day of searching that he decided reluctantly it was lost forever. He went to bed that night with a heavy heart.

Until the next morning, when he found it under a paperweight on his desk, accompanied by a small folded piece of paper.

Take better care of your things.

He was so grateful to have the photo back that he didn’t even ponder very hard on who could have found it.

The next time was when he had been passing by a bookstore...Collapse )